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AARO is a Canadian Recording Artist, Producer, and Songwriter devoted to uplifting the youth through Hip Hop music.


Experience the Daze

AARO checks into an asylum in his new video for "The Dark Daze”. Following AARO’s debut commercial release, he brings us these attention-demanding visuals in his new short film accompaniment. Directed by Canadian mogul, Dele "Dizzy" Adereti, the film features all three tracks from the EP covering topics like mental health, oppression, and faith; among others. The story begins with AARO in a psychiatric hospital room battling his inner demons and reflecting "Qualms" into a broken mirror. Throughout the short film AARO is speaking a strong and all too real message while trying to get through to his peers stuck in a "Dark Daze". Expressing a fiery dialogue of controversial topics, he is constantly the centre of criticism. After a struggle, he's now facing "God's Test" and his fate is left in Her hands. The purpose of the ground-breaking short film, explained by AARO, is to bring the current economical climate to light. Long has the media made these topics taboo, skewing the population's beliefs and perceptions. The emerging Canadian artist has taken inspiration from the words of the late, great Nina Simone, “It’s an Artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, to reflect the times”. AARO stresses, "With turmoil happening in every corner of the world it’s important to talk about it, in the hopes of catalyzing positive change in our communities across the globe." Cue: The Dark Daze Film.

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